Black Magick

Dark arts are done from the shadows, and everything casts one.

White Magick

Love + Light / Occult-lite

Gentle New Age

Light the candles. Consult the oracle. Find your favorite pose. Whatever modailty, whatever you attune to; Gentle vibes only.

Psych Dream Eternal Soul

Expand your mind, and slip into a dream of vintage Soul and Psychedelic soundscapes, mixed with modern musical relevance.

Psych Desert Ego Death

Prepare your cosmic vessel for a journey of heavy transformation. Under the influence, or stone cold sober… you ain’t lived ’til you died… and the dark magick of the desert is whispering your name.

Lovelorn Desert Witch

On a dark steed, she roams the land, longing for that man. Her beauty bewitches, so beware, she still searches… for hell hath no fury, and many have been burned, and buried in the sand.

Lonesome Mystic Traveler

A shamanistic soul, seeking love and lust; he’s a mix of saint and sin. Where he roams, no one knows, and nobody knows him. People are strange, when you’re a stranger; he sings of hope and loss, devils and other dangers, and lonely stones that gather no moss.

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